Job Openings
To Post: If your agency has law enforcement related jobs to fill, please email us your information, including contact details, job description, application instructions, and applicable deadlines. The more officers you have on staff, the better able you are to send officers to training! We see that as a win-win situation! (Please send the information digitally, as retyping a faxed two page job description is just simply too time consuming. Thank you for your understanding.) Mail information to: . To Apply: To apply for a position advertised by MTU 10, please follow directions given for each individual advertisement, and use contact information for that particular posting. MTU #10 is in no way able to answer any questions you may have about the jobs listed on our site. Law Enforcement is a noble profession. Good luck in your search!
Please note:  At this time, due to the time involved in posting the many requests for posting Job Openings on the website, they are no longer maintained on this page. 

HOWEVER, we do still send out listings for job openings to our e-mail mailing list, and post them on our Facebook page and Twitter account!  Please choose one of these three avenues to receive notice of any law enforcement job listings which are posted in our area.  We have nearly 800 subscribers to our mailing list, and it's growing every day.  Also, with over 500 "Likes" on our Facebook page and 200 "Followers" on Twitter, job postings are seen statewide.



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